Legacy & Milestones Legacy & Milestones

Legacy & Milestones

By Sr. Eugene Nirmala
A legacy is created when visions are translated into reality. Visionaries who create legacies are also revolutionaries who have the courage to break away from the beaten track and seek to create their own path ways to success and fame. Nishkalanka has been on similar line. Pallottine Missionary Sisters with a team of like minded " Thinkers;'' have translated the vision of caring for the senior citizens into an incredible reality. NISHKALANKA Means Immaculate, Pure, Nirmal. This home stands for its name clean, punctual, orderly, truthful, helpful and loving.

Mr Bernard D'silva's Experience of the Home
Congratulations and Heart felt Thanks and best wishes to you dear sisters at NISHKALANKA. On 3rd march 2007 Patrick my brother and I came to Nishkalanka Seva Home as a special case. Patrick had liver, stomach and eye problems. I was high diabetic and mood swings. Dr. Khanna of Holy Family Hospital had declared in May 2007 that Patrick would not survive for more than one year. But with your loving nursing care he survived four years. He died on 10th February 2011.
Dr. Nadan Reis of Breach Candy Hospital Trust had recommended me to have thrice a day insulin injections for life, but with special diet food and exercise and stable emotional environment and nursing care and prayers, my diabetes is fully under control and I have been able to have my second eye operation in December 2010 and I have no mood swings for a long time. On July 9th 2011 Dr. Vahia has reduced my medicine to the minimum and Dr. Amit of Ambani Hospital is also happy to see me keeping well.I Thank you Sr. Eugene and all the Pallottine Missionary Sisters for keeping me here at Nishkalanka Seva Home today, in the coming months and the coming years.